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Quarknet-TW-page (redirected from Quarknet-TW-pagez)

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QuarkNet-TW started in 2006. While we have worked with both high school and university students, most participants have been university students. We have prepared full usage of raspberry pi and python programs. (Using the QuarkNet detector is included in the senior course "Experiment for Modern Physics" by the Physics Department of National Cheng Kung University.) However, we are moving QuarkNet-TW to the Taipei Astronomical Museum (TAM) which is more practical for high school students. In addition to uploading data to e-Lab, students can analyze and view their data in real time. Extensions to astronomy become possible at TAM, and interested students can do some hands-on experiments related to electrical engineering. 
  •        到處都有宇宙射線,
  •        什麼是宇宙射線,
  •         從何而來,
  •         會撞到那裡,
  •         有些宇宙射線的能量為何會如此之高,  
                        (   下載動畫  )
  •        有幾個重要的計畫正在進行研究中.
  •     高中, 大學的師生一起合作,收集數據分析數據,共同尋找答案,
  •     透過網格技術做數據及心得的分享,形成一個全國性的合作.
  •     沒有限制,
                                            但是要如何開始? 需要先知道什麼? 如何取數據? 誰能使用這些數據?

   答案 :  現在就可以開始工作, 請連上: 



                   http://quarknet.fnal.gov                 美國夸克網 



    臺灣夸克網 (英文版)  ,  臺灣夸克網 (中文試用版) , 宇宙射線雲霧室觀測網



國際粒子物理教育推廣協會(International Particle Physics Outreach Group)  
           https://scoollab.web.cern.ch/         laboratory fo schools at CERN 學生的高能實驗室 





  •         能指出初級的,次級的及之後的宇宙射線組成, 
  •         列出觀察中所得到的宇宙射線的性質,
  •         解釋探測器網際網路 WebGRID(網格)的角色.
  •         如何取得可靠的數據,
  •         如何收集,整理和分析數據以得到結論,
  •         如何使用數據作為發現的依據,
  •         描述各個組員的貢獻
  •         解釋探測器網際網路 WebGRID(網格)的角色.
  •         撰寫詳細的科學性筆記及完整的報告,
  •         能與他人溝通及討論.


     簡報   ---- 網格技術應用在高能物理研究與教學的案例 





                  1.           2010-summer-report

                  2.          2011-semester-report 

                  3.          2016 ICD report   

                  4.          cosmic ray telescope的說明 by SLAC 

    progress report from 2006-2016 :  





      Photos and videos from year 2006 to year 2010:



                      2007 Photos:

                               to Yerkes Observatory I 

                               to Fermi Lab. I , to Fermi Lab. II ,   to Fermi Lab. III                        

                               to UIUC I


                      2009 Photos:

                           Special Exhibition on Elementary Particles and Cosmic Rays  I



          For workshop in 2006:





          For workshop in 2009:



          For workshop 2010:



   Our work in 2015:  here


  Our work in 2016:    here


  Our work in 2017:  

                                  at TAM ---> here 

                                                           a memorable article ---> here 

                                     at HuaLien  ---> here 

    Our  work  in 2018 :   QuarkNet  Workshop in Macau Science Center (MSC) : here


     2019 GPS firmware update :


             To solve GPS date roll-over problem, follow the firmware updating procedure:  

          read document  here.


     2020  Home dectectors:


                        10-28   1st setup


      2021    cosmic ray flux vs. sea level pressure:


                         2-28   flux_pre.py       cwb2.py



   weather station at Hualien City


  top figure :  four counters and sigles

  middle figure:  4 counters and double coincidence flux

  bottom figure:  sea level pressure variation 




  At 04/07/2022,  we have all documents bound together, here is the google's one drive link to this file:









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